ARConsulting exist on the Hungarian IT, external experts and training business since 2004 through it’s subsidiaries. ARConsulting continuously expands the spectrum of activity to respond clients’ needs Now we are able to support the full cycle of an application development to realize the business needs from defining the system through the implementation, testing and education.

Our consultants have many years of experience in project management, business analysis, especially in the field of customer relationship management (CRM). Although we operate in several industries, we have gained significant experience in Financial and Telco sectors.

The success of our clients leads our business, therefore we constantly evolving and increasing our competencies of new areas to join the value – creating processes of our clients.

Our Principles

We are always consider the following principles during our assignments:

  • · Professionalism: means working on tasks we have sufficient competency to carry out.

  • Careful planning and risk assessment: the success of a project depends on the planning phase. We assess the potential risks in advance, than we monitor and follow them.
  • High level documentation: during our projects we follow the clients’ documentation requirements, and if necessary, we propose to change it.
  • Quality assurance: our internal quality assurance procedures ensure that consultants and developers perform high-quality work which is in compliance with our clients' needs.
Our Values

Our operation is organized along the following values:

  • Creativity: we examine the issues in all cases from several aspects, and also use non-standard approaches, to make sure that the solution we create is not just "one" solution to the problem.
  • Innovation:  all our solutions are unique, whether it's a training program, a functional specification or test strategy. We are not able and don’t even want to deliver the same solution twice, as all cases are different, the initial situation, other resources available, and our aim would be different.
  • Straight Talk: we communicate with our clients in all cases using simple, clear and concise way , that there are no „minor characters”. We are proud to build relations based on mutual benefits with our customers and cooperating partners in the long term. These strong relationships allow us to continuously expand the number of clients and consultants who maintain our high standards.
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