E-learning is more than an "e-reader." It is a tool, which helps in the daily work through the acquisition of knowledge. A well-developed e-learning curriculum gives the required knowledge in each situation. E-learning does not replace all the traditional trainings, but it is excelent for assesing and improving different knowledge level of the participants, as well as for reconciliation and followup, and for facilitating and managing knowledge deepening.

E-learning is not only for knowledge transfer purposes, but also for becoming applycable and active knowledge through managed and self-guided exercises. At the end of each lessons and modules test results give feedback about the acquired knowledge level.

Orientation and traninig processes become more efficient and standardized at corporate level through e-learning.

Benefits of e-learning compared to traditional training solutions are:

  • One-off development cost
  • Individual learning process and time
  • Less resource for training organization
  • Training courses are manageble in a single system
  • Reduced costs for repeating a training

Our consultans are available for our partners in the following topics:

E-learning consultancy

Internal and external knowledge requirements should be carefully examined before building up a companys own training system which fulfills all their own needs.
Our company would like to help in this process, to understand together which training method is the most effective in each areas or which is the best technical solution.
Our staff help to prepare and implement strategic decisions concerning e-learning. Using our experience mix of traditional and e-learning courses can be prepared, which ensures maximum efficiency in the training and development field.

E-learning system implementation
As a platform independent enterprise we support our clients to find their e-learning system, to implement and integrate it into existing IT environments (configuration, testing, interfaces, migration).
Although we are not committed ourselves to any developers, we are proud of our special Oracle iLearning knowledge.

Content development and conversion
ARTancsad has several years technical knowledge and experience of both the e-learning and traditional training area. With this dual experience we produce not a simple "picture books" as a training material, but serve for maximum the interactive, understandable knowledge transfer through consecutive modules. We provide our services in adapting and/or localizing existing training materials as well.

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