Test Management

By implementing a new IT system or configuration changing of the existing system the key question is, whether the new system meets the business specification requirements. Our experience is that testing does not always receive the attention, which would ensure a smooth start of the new system. Not sufficient quality and quantity testing has short-term benefits, as the project keeps go-live deadline, but medium term it may take a considerable drop in production, because the system does not works as expected.

The aim of test management is twofold: it must be ensured that the system operates in accordance with the requirements, on the other, findings of the tests must be provided to all interested parties, because this information is the basis for system-related decisions.


Our consultants have participated in many projects, based on these projects experience we offer the following  services:

  • Developing test strategy
  • Test scenarios
  • Test plan
  • Test preparation guide
  • Test execution and documentation
  • Test monitoring
  • Quality control
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