Application Development

The value-creating processes of organizations in the implementation of  IT solutions assist in all areas of operation. Computer calculates the interest, seeks for products on the shelves of a warehouse, allows the building area for the visitors. The implemented IT solutions communicate with each other, form an integrated system, although the constantly changing and evolving business environment requires individual applications, or implementation of new applications.

According to our experience in application development and implementation projects will be successfull and speed up when certain well-defined tasks are performed by external experts. In this case external experts concentrate only on the tasks of the project, while they do not work in the organizational hierarchy.

Our team were involved in a number of application development and implementation project,  and offer expertise in the following areas:

  • business requirements specification,
  • functional specification,
  • system planning,
  • managing tendering process.

Our application development method will comply with the requirements of  RUP methodology, but of course adapts to our clients' own internal rules.

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